Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Excursion to Kurigai National Park

Excursion to Kuringai national park

Two weeks ago, AMES Bankstown students from level 2 and level 3 classes went on an excursion to Kuringai National park. We hired a bus, so at 8.30 am we all met at the front of AMES centre. But we left there at 9.00 am, because we waited for some students. When we started to travel the weather was very cloudy.

And two hours later we arrived at Kuringai National park. Suddenly the weather changed and it was fine. The first stop was at Commodore Lookout, at the end of West Head Road. Everyone admired the views because it very beautiful and we stayed there about 20 minutes while some of the students took photos, ate snacks and had drinks. Then we returned to the bus where we had morning tea. After that we started to walk through the bush, where we saw the aboriginal rock carvings and some of the students saw wildlife, a wallaby (small kangaroo) and a large lizard.

Then 30 minutes later we arrived at the Basin picnic area, where some teenagers had camped. And we all stopped there, Then we had lunch and some of the students prepared a barbecue. After I finished my lunch I was paddling in the water. We spent some time there - about 1 hour – and we decided to leave. Next we got on the ferry and returned to Palm Beach. After that the bus driver took us to look at the area where the wealthy people lived like Kerry Packer who is a media magnate. And then the bus driver drove us back to AMES Bankstown.

Finally I was exhausted but I had a wonderful trip and everyone enjoyed the excursion.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Career information centre

Career information centre

The career information centre in Sydney is in a large, multistorey building on the first floor. The centre has lots of information which help people find a course they like, or a job which is suitable for them.

The centre is located in Sydney central. The building has a ground floor entrance where there’s reception staff who are very helpful and knowledgeable, as well as 6 information personnel who people can talk to. On the first floor there’s also an information officer who talks to people who come for the first time to explain to them how they can find a job or suitable training using the centre.

There are many useful resources at the centre. They include 4 computers with software programs about careers and many shelves which contain information about all the jobs in Australia. They have a big desk for people who want to sit and look at folders quietly. Also people can get other information on video cassette.

If you want to know more about career information, details about types of jobs, training, etc, university & TAFE handbooks, career interest & explorer tests, they are open Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm.

Monday, February 28, 2005

The suburb i live in overseas


Huataphan is an inner suburb of Amnartcharoen. It is located in the northeast of Thailand. I was born and grew up in this suburb. Huataphan is approximately 30 kilometres from the city. And there are small villages, about 200 houses in each village, and about 1,000 people live in each village, depending on how big the villages are.

There are many different types of houses. Some of them are made from brick and cement, and some of them are made from wood. People in this area are very helpful and friendly.

In this area there is a small shopping centre, primary school, secondary school, hospital, hotel, park, and temples. Around the suburb people travel by buses, motorbikes, and cars. The entertainment for people in this suburb is festival celebration, musical celebration, and family gathering.

The main local industries in the area are silk manufacturing, farming, and rice farming. These industries are also very important to the local community, and most people are self-employed.

If you want to visit the suburb you can go anytime. If you are travelling from Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, it takes about 8 hours by bus or 50 minutes by plane.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Bankstow AMES

BANKSTOWN AMES (Adult migrant English Centre)

The Adult Migrant English Centre at Bankstown is one of several government English language schools for newly-arrived, adult migrants who need English language training. For further study or employment.

The centre is located in Jacobs Street, close to Bankstown square and opposite Bankstown cancels offices.

It is a two-story, blue, brick and cement building, at the front of the building, there are step and a ramp. On the ground floor there is a reception area, about 7 classrooms, childcare, teachers’ staff room and amenities. The first floor has a library, computer room, students’ room, counsellor’s room and five classrooms.

There are many different staff in the centre: trained, experienced adult ESL teachers, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, bilingual reception staff;

The students at the centre have different nationalities and different language, education and cultural backgrounds. They have a range of English levels needs, which depends on their previous English study and current goals.

If you want to join a class at AMES you need to make an appointment for an interview to find out if you are eligible. And what time is suitable for you to study.

Sunday, February 20, 2005


1. Why do people smoke when they know how bad it is for their health?

Everyone knows smoking is bad for their health, because it is displayed on every cigarette packet. Also lots of smokers have diseases caused by smoking. However they still smoke because they have an addiction to nicotine. They also believe cigarettes help them to relax. Some people believe it helps them to work better

2. What make people take up smoking in the first place?

People respond to peer pressure if their friends are doing something they don’t want to be different. And some of them want to experiment or try smoking because they want to know how it feels and taste maybe just for fun and they might not continue smoking. And also many famous people can be seen smoking on TV, newspapers, and some people, especially young people, want to be like them so they imitate their behaviour.

3 What do you think of tobacco companies making money out of sale of

Everyone thinks it is bad for tobacco companies to make money out of something that causes disease and death. They are selling something that makes you die later on. They don’t care about human life. But some other people say cigarette companies support tobacco farmers by buying their crops. Because if the farmers can’t sell their crops, they can’t make a living. However most people think farmers should grow alternative crops and cigarettes companies should make other products.

4 What do you think about governments collecting revenue from cigarette

I think revenue helps governments to pay for many expenses in a modern economy, like pensions, health, jobs, education, pharmaceuticals, defence, etc.
On the other hand I think governments would lose a lot of money if they didn’t collect this revenue from cigarette companies.

Monday, January 31, 2005

My life

Sangwal Saisud

My name is Sangwal Saisud. I come from Thailand. I was born in 1980. I grew up in the country. There are lots of beautiful places and the people are very friendly and helpful. My son and I have been in Australia for 13 months and my first language is Thai.

I finished junior high school in Thailand. After I left school my first job was a childminder. I worked there 3 years and then I worked at a factory and I also as a cleaner. I have worked in many different kinds of jobs.

I got married 3 year ago and have my one child, so I have to stay home to be a house wife and look after my son. And in future I will go to study at TAFE because I want to finish high school. I would like to continue at university if it is possible because I like to study.

When I first arrive at Australia I was very afraid of everything because I couldn’t speak and understand English much. I thought I have to improve my English as fast as I can because I have to start a new life in Australia.